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2018 "Changzhou Pingyu&Hehai University" Industry University Research Cooperation
Source:Changzhou Pingyu automation equipment Co., Ltd. Time:2023-11-09

In order to better and give full play to the superior resources of Changzhou Pingyu Automation Equipment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Our company") and Hohai University (hereinafter referred to as "Hohai"), promote the implementation of scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation projects, combine the production advantages of enterprises, market advantages, industrial advantages and technical and professional advantages of colleges and universities, In early 2018, "Changzhou Pingyu & Hohai University" conducted industry-university-research cooperation to jointly promote economic and social development.

Through friendly consultation, the two sides, in line with the purpose of complementary advantages and common development, strengthened cooperation in personnel training, scientific and technological research, industrialization of achievements, product research and development, technological transformation, technical services and other aspects, as well as jointly undertaking scientific and technological support at all levels, transformation of achievements and other scientific and technological programs, reached an agreement, signed the industry-university-research cooperation agreement.

1, in the early stage of our company set up "Changzhou photovoltaic system integration and production equipment technology key laboratory - Pingyu Cooperation Base" (hereinafter referred to as the "base"), "Changzhou Special robot and intelligent technology Key laboratory - Pingyu Cooperation Base" (hereinafter referred to as the "base"), the establishment of a special leadership organization, both sides are equipped with a special person in charge and R & D team.

2, the development plan and construction plan of the center is formulated by Hohai, mainly focusing on the technical needs and technological transformation of photovoltaic system integration and production equipment technology in automation and information technology.

Second, cooperation in personnel training

1. Our company serves as an internship base for students of Hohai-related majors; Hohai as our staff training base.

2, our qualified professional and technical personnel, management personnel can be employed as part-time teachers of Hohai, for students to set up related courses or lectures; River and sea personnel can be employed as our technical consultant.

2018 "Changzhou Pingyu & Hohai University" industry-university-research cooperation by our company to provide production, technology and other basic conditions, Hohai to provide appropriate research and development personnel, technical support and other scientific research conditions, to establish a common in personnel training, technical research and new product development

First, technical cooperation

And a platform for all-round cooperation in many fields.

2018 "Changzhou Pingyu & Hohai University" industry-university-research cooperation is an important platform for both sides to serve the local economy. The two sides will maintain regular communication and contact, exchange information, jointly establish a standardized cooperation information network work system, and promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of cooperation.