Company Info

Changzhou Pingyu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangnan Ancient Town, a land of fish and rice, on the shore of Gehu Lake. The company has been engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of photovoltaic module automation production lines for many years. It is a comprehensive intelligent equipment manufacturer that integrates manufacturing, sales, and technical services. The products are widely used in industries such as forging, welding, machining, spraying, packaging, palletizing, etc. And has applied for multiple patents. We have good cooperation with large enterprises such as Changzhou Tianhe, Tianwei Yingli, Gree Air Conditioning, and Shangde.


2018 is the journey of Changzhou Pingyuxin. We have jointly signed a school enterprise cooperation agreement with Changzhou Hehai University, fully leveraging our respective strengths. Following the principles of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, shared responsibilities, and shared interests", we jointly formulate teaching plans, develop curriculum projects, implement teaching processes, supervise teaching quality, and build "skill talent training bases" and "employment internship bases" The "Cooperative Laboratory" and "Cooperative Productive Training Workshop" aim to cultivate and shape more high-quality and highly skilled applied professional talents with good professional knowledge, practical operation skills, and professional literacy, and promote the scientific development of related industries. We have established the "Changzhou Key Laboratory for Photovoltaic System Integration and Production Equipment Technology - Pingyu Cooperation Base" and the "Changzhou Key Laboratory for Special Robotics and Intelligent Technology - Pingyu Cooperation Base".

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "innovation, integrity, efficiency, and service", continuously optimizes technology, improves services, and strives to do a good job in and refine the company's products. We aim to create value for our customers with the goal of "Pingyu Zhizao", and strive to become the best partner for our customers with full innovation and hard work!

Changzhou Pingyu Automation specializes in producing photovoltaic module production equipment, upgrading production lines, and renovating production lines. System integration. The company has a professional team that can be customized for customers.

Pingyu Automation specializes in customizing various assembly line workbenches, and the company has professional electrical and mechanical engineers who can update according to customer design. And it can provide non-standard automation transformation, machine replacement, create benefits for customers, shorten investment cycles, which is the persistent driving force of Pingyu people.