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Automatic frame removal machine
Source:Changzhou Pingyu automation equipment Co., Ltd. Time:2023-12-09

The frame removal machine is a special equipment for removing the aluminum frame of the battery component, which is assembled by the adjustable cylinder, servo motor, linear square guide rail and steel structure. The aluminum frame needs to be removed. The frame removal machine adopts servo power to remove the two groups of short sides of the aluminum frame of the panel. This equipment is suitable for a variety of specifications of aluminum profiles, the whole machine structure design is reasonable, strong rigidity, high precision, large adjustment range, to meet the user's different frame size requirements.

1. The reworked components are manually loaded and unloaded. Transmission line mode is optional. Beat 35s.

2. The removal speed is less than 4 minutes.

3. All kinds of components that can be removed by the frame removal machine: long (1550-2400)× wide (850-1400)mm, various types of profiles, including but limited to the above products;

5. The structure of the equipment is firm, and it cannot be shaken during operation. The appearance color of the equipment requires industrial gray.